About Dennis Glennon

Welcome and thank you for letting me make you smile today! Making people smile is what I love most in life and that is a key reason as to why I opened this store.

My original signature photographs highlight my passion for wildlife and landscapes which really come to life behind the lens. I have a soft spot for cute and dogs, so later in my career I started photographing the most adorable dogs and puppies, so you’ll see lots of cute photos of wildlife and dogs in the store. My respect and love of nature is why a percentage of sales from my store go to support charitable organizations that focus on dog rescue, wildlife endangerment, and preservation.

I got started with photography after completing my college education, I had a dual major in Economics and Labor Law. After graduating, I received a camera as a gift and that camera completely changed my path in life. I discovered that I loved photography! I declined Law School and started photographing wildlife and nature. In my travels I met some awesome people who loved my photos and knew I had the passion and authentic talent to make it in this crazy field. So, over a period of a couple of years with mentoring from a couple of real Professional Photographers, like National Geographic Pros, I became a Pro too!

I always loved dogs and had them growing up, but never thought about photographing them. Then, one day a friend asked me to photograph her Golden Retriever litter. To avoid embarrassing myself, I searched for the perfect location for the puppy photo shoot. Well I found it, and the photos were stunning and became extremely popular. That is how the “Buddy’s Window” puppy series got started. It led me to expand my dog photography as well as develop a style in which the dogs are always in a natural setting doing things that come natural to the specific breed. The dogs are relaxed and having a good time and so am I.

On a different note...I am a big music lover. I picked up the guitar in my mid 40's. I love playing guitar while I’m camping out in the middle of nowhere waiting for the wildlife to come out and let me photograph them!

If you’d like to hear more about my travels and this journey of life, follow me on social media and come back to read my blog.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I make you SMILE today…don't forget to take a look at the store.